Real Estate License Easy as 1-2-3

1. Complete our 75-Hour Broker Pre-Licensing Course

  • Attend at least 80% of the class.
  • Score at least a 80% on the end of class exam.

2. Submit NCREC’s Application for Real Estate Licensure

  • Submit your online Real Estate Licensing Application to the NCREC. Your instructor will give you guidance on when to start this submission process during your course. It is possible to submit a paper application, however this can delay your approval to sit for the licensing exam.
  • Obtain your “Criminal Record Report” as part of the application process through the approved vendor, Carolina Investigative Research, Inc. You will need to list all of the addresses you’ve lived in the last 7 years.
  • The Commission will review your application, and upon approval, send you notification that you are eligible to take the State Licensing Exam. When you receive notification you should promptly contact the testing center to set an appointment.

The state licensing exam consists of two parts; a nation section of 100 questions and a state section of 40 questions. Visit the Commissions Website ( ) for a copy of the Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina (pages 9-16) for an outline of the exam content.

Students who fail the exam are permitted a retake and are allowed to schedule an appointment, however must wait 10 days before they are allowed to retest. In the event that a student fails one of the sections of the exam, they are required to retake the section that they missed.

Upon successful completion of the State Licensing Exam, the Commission will review your application and background check prior to approving your application and issuing you a license. Your licensed will be sent via mail.

3. Interview & Choose your Real Estate Firm

  • If you want to actively work in real estate, you will need to associate with a real estate firm or Broker-In-Charge and pay your annual renewal fee to the NCREC every year before June 30th. If you do not want to actively work in real estate, you must pay your annual renewal fee to the NCREC every year before June 30th.
  • Once licensed, a Provisional Broker on active status must complete three 30-hour post-licensing classes in order to terminate the “Provisional” status of their license. You will need to take at least one 30-hour Broker Post-Licensing course by the anniversary date of your license each year for the first three years of licensure. However, you can complete all courses faster as long as no classes overlap.  After completing each of the three 30 hour Broker Post-Licensing courses, your “provisional” status is removed and you are a “Broker”. There is an end of course exam that must be passed in addition to an 90% attendance requirement.
  • In addition, you are required to take 8 hours of Continuing Education before the second renewal of your real estate license and every year thereafter to remain on active status. Continuing education classes must be completed by June 10th.
  • All licensees, on active status, that are not Broker-In-Charge or BIC Eligible must complete the 4 hour Mandatory Update course and 4 hours of an approved elective prior to the June 10th deadline.